Zach Tomlin for Maryland State Senate

My name is Zach Tomlin and I am humbly asking for your support as I work hard to bring YOUR voice to Annapolis as a Maryland State Senator.

Authority: Friends of Zachary Tomlin, Amy Groves, Treasurer.

 Meet Zach

“When you have the ability to serve, I feel you have the responsibility.”


If you had an opportunity to help make the world a better place, would you take it?

My name is Zach Tomlin and I am a Republican Candidate for the Maryland State Senate for District 42.

District 42 covers parts of both Carroll County and Baltimore County. I was born and raised in Carroll County but I spent a lot of my youth hanging out with my friends in Towson and Timonium.

From personal experience, I can attest to the fact that this district contains a diversity of people. I believe that there is strength in diversity. A variety of perspectives can bring along with it a variety of approaches to solving an issue.

Carroll County and Baltimore County have two different forms of Government. I believe in Civil Service from the bottom up. That means, I believe that the government closest to those they are accountable for should have the authority to make decisions on behalf of those that voted them into office.

I have always believed in hard work and I have a large amount of knowledge in a variety of areas. During my campaign I hope to walk you through the events in my life that brought me to this moment.

I am a unique candidate for office… and sometimes, you need someone unique to come up with innovative ideas.

Thank you for checking into me. I hope to earn your support and your vote in this years coming elections.

 Experience and Accomplishments

Business Experience/Technology Experience

Tomlin Technology, Inc.
President and Founder
May 2010 – Present
Westminster, MD

Business Management, Business Development, Project Management, Computer Repair, IT Consulting, Customer Service, Research and Development, Public Speaking, Disaster Recovery, Business IT Support, Network Design, Sales and much more.

Political Experience

Westminster Fiber Commission

Member – July 2021 – Present

Political Appointment for the City of Westminster

Mid-Maryland Workforce Development Board

Vice-President 2019 – Formation of CCWDB

Political Appointment for Carroll County

Carroll County Workforce Development Board

President – Feb 2020 – Present

Political Appointment for Carroll County

Public Speaking

Guest Speaker for Following Organizations

  • Maryland Department of Social Services
  • Carroll Community College
  • Miller Center
  • Carroll County Public Schools
  • Boy Scouts

Professional Accomplishments

  • Certified IT\Cybersecurity Consultant

  • Small Business of the Year​

    • Presented by Carroll County Chamber of Commerce

      • 2013 and 2015​

  • Carroll’s Best and Honorable Mention Recipient

    • 2011 through 2018

  • Highest Rated IT Company in Carroll County

    • Google (as of 11/7/2018)​

    • Facebook ( as of 11/7/2018)

Non-Profit Experience

Together We Own It

Member of the Board of Directors


Former Member of the Board of Directors

Camp Snoops Project

Emcee for Annual BBQ Fundraiser


Carroll County Chamber of Commerce

Member of Legislative Committee

Carroll Technology and Innovation Council


The Field’s HOA (Robert’s Field)

Former Treasurer

Lion’s Club